Best CRM Software for Business in 2020

July 13, 20200

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool for organizing and controlling the workflow within the company, sales management, communication with leads, and customers.

How to choose a CRM system that is right for you?

We have compiled the most popular CRM systems in a selection, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of different services.

Top five CRM systems for business reviews


Bitrix24 – CRM helps small and medium-sized businesses manage sales, takes control of all channels of communication with customers and automates sales. Cloud version and boxed solution available.


  • Lead and Deal Management
  • Setting up your stages and sales funnel
  • Billing
  • Project and task management
  • Business process automation
  • Setting up robots, trigger letters, SMS, and advertising directly from CRM
  • Integrated IP telephony and mail integration
  • Connecting Open Lines (setting up your Facebook, Instagram, other instant messengers to chat in Bitrix24 crm)
    Set up sales plans and reports
  • Set up regular deals
  • Printing and sending documents from CRM
  • Data exchange with 1C
  • Creation of sites, landing pages with built-in CRM


A team of up to 12 people can use the basic functions for free. There is a special tariff for the sales department – CRM + for $ 50 per month. The minimum paid cloud tariff is $ 16.
The interface is available in 14 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, French, Chinese, English, Italian, etc.


Worksection – CRM service for organizing design data: tasks, contractors, deadlines, documentation, etc.


  • Datastore
  • Systematization of work processes
  • Timing control
  • Communication
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt Chart
  • Report Building


Free use with limited functionality for up to 5 users, the minimum paid tariff is $ 29 for 10 users and projects per month.


Salesforce is a universal cloud computing system designed primarily for large multi-tasking projects. For small businesses, there is a cheaper Small Business Solutions package that includes basic features such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Manage Contacts and Features
  • Sales forecasting
  • Workflow automation
  • Powerful analytics
  • Many customizable collaboration and project management tools


Minimum – $ 25 to 10 users per month. Salesforce Essentials is free for 30 days.


Zoho – This customer relationship management system is great for small businesses due to its ease of use and low cost. At the same time, the CRM program has fewer opportunities for individual customization. Some additional features can be added by purchasing extensions at the Zoho Marketplace. This will allow you to tailor the system to the individual needs of the business and do without programmers.

CRM system functions:

  • Basic integrations do not require programmers
  • Versatile analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Real-time alerts


From $ 12 per user per month. Free rate – up to three users.



HubSpot is a system with great features for free use. The main one is an online library with many educational resources: instructions, e-books, free courses and much more.

Free system features:

  • Analytics tools
  • Tracking forms of subscriptions and pop-ups
  • Website tracking activity of site guests (free – 7 days)
  • Program for maintaining a contact base
  • Contact and Company Information
  • Facebook advertisements

Among paid services:

  • Automatic Sales Logging
  • Funnel Promotion
  • Email Sync


Paid tariffs start at $ 50 per month per user.

What Makes The Best CRM Software Systems?

It’s easy to get caught up in the many features that CRM systems have these days, but there are some key things that all of the top systems have in common. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it should give you a good start to look for the best CRM tools and systems.

First of all, any CRM system will make use of technology to keep track of your customers and their needs. This makes it possible to deliver excellent customer service and also help them to find your company online.

This is obviously one of the most important factors in customer experience, but there are several other factors. An important feature of any CRM system is the ability to collect information from your customers. This will be an important part of your business management, allowing you to see what products are selling and what services are being requested.

These are the types of things that any CRM should have to get this data, which includes; what products are popular and what services are being requested. The best CRM systems will help you not only to collect this data but also to generate reports that give you insights into how your customers feel about your products and services and how they are using them.

The best CRM systems also give you a variety of ways to keep track of these trends and how your business is doing. This will help you to see where improvements can be made, as well as planning ahead for the future.

Having the best CRM tools also means that the data and information that it collects are easy to work with. Since so much of the data you need to provide to your customers is stored on the server of the CRM systems company, you’ll only need access to it once you have completed the initial sign up process.

Many of the systems will also allow you to set up systems that will ensure that your customer has all the information they need in order to provide you with quality service. In other words, if they cannot get what they want from the CRM because it is not currently listed, they won’t have to go and look for it, making the whole thing a lot easier.

There are many features that are standard in the best CRM systems, but what you may be looking for in CRM sales software may vary. For example, some systems will offer “virtual accounts” that will allow your customers to interact with your website.

In addition, you may be looking for some type of advanced functionality or the ability to use integration with your existing websites to create a more powerful CRM. The best CRM software systems will have a broad range of tools that will make it easier for you to manage your customers and track all of the interactions that they have with your business.

Also, many of the top CRM systems will include a scheduler, which will allow you to schedule incoming emails for the day, as well as track how many people are actually using your web forms. This should help you keep a better track of how busy your business may be at any given time.

Of course, the list goes on, but you can see that most of the best CRM systems will give you more than just customer service and product catalogs. They will also help you manage your business better, reduce your workload, and increase the efficiency of your system so that you can produce the best results possible.

Take some time to check out what the best CRM systems have to offer and then find out which features are necessary for your company. Once you have this information, you can make the best decision in getting the system that is right for your company.