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How can a retailer identify KVI items in stock?

To attract more customers and increase profits, retailers must constantly improve their pricing strategy. KVI positions (categories and products) are an important part of an optimal pricing strategy and help retailers attract price-sensitive buyers and increase margins. Pricing Strategy According to a recent PwC survey, 44% of respondents made weekly purchases at offline stores in…

How to create a competitive pricing strategy from scratch

If you study the prices of goods from competitors and based on them change prices in your own store, you use the competitive pricing strategy, the main element of the dynamic pricing system.

Data wins: how information changes retail

big data in retail

Information about customers, known as “big data”, is already changing the world of retail – both on the Internet and in our usual stores. Although the case is higher when the seller “finds out” about pregnancy before relatives, it may seem a little shocking, and buyers and retailers in the future can only benefit from…