Best competitor price monitoring software

September 28, 20200

E-commerce price monitoring software keeps track of competitive price changes. It allows merchants to keep in competition and avoid falling victim to more expensive competitors for want of a better deal. AI robots are good for getting up-to-date information on your competitors to learn about any changes in their strategies and how you can adjust yours accordingly. This AI software helps monitor your company’s pricing strategy, and analyze pricing changes. Not only is it comprehensive but it also allows you to pick up data across channels as well.

How Price Monitoring Software can help your Business?

With more companies selling similar products, the demand for them is constantly changing, and their price. The more in-demand a product is, the higher its prices will go; the more money it’ll make. You’ll want to grow your e-commerce business quickly, so make sure that you are charging the best price possible. You’ll be able to see if there’s a competitor who is charging a lower price than you’re currently offering which would be an opportunity for you. Additionally, companies must keep a close eye on their competitors to ensure that pricing doesn’t fall behind by staying too cheap or selling for an inflated price.

As competition in the market is increasing, you’ll need to continue to maintain competitive prices to stay competitive. For your business to maintain the pace of its competitors, it needs to have price changes over a wide range of products. Stores update their price almost instantaneously and you can see how fast the market changes. This is where AI consumer tools come in–no need to dig through pages of websites yourself, they’ll do it all for you! Without considering the software’s other functions, it lets you determine what percentage of your competitors’ revenue is at stake and how your company’s performing vis-a-vis pricing.

Best retail price monitoring software should provide intelligent pricing, striking visuals, and customer feedback.

  • When it comes to price tracking, you should be able to get helpful information whenever you need it. This helps in making the high-level decision of whether a product is worth exploring or not.
  • You should expect to get accurate data on products through price monitoring and they can help your bottom line.
  • Set goals for how you want price monitoring to increase the overall value of your business

Top 5 Price Monitoring Tools

If you’re a competitor, you should know that your competitors’ prices are changing every single day. It’s extremely important to monitor these changes and make sure that you’re always on top of it. E-commerce competitors should be presented with the changes your rivals make in an easy-to-understand way using a price tracking tool. Its AI capabilities should include the ability to keep tabs on competitor stock movements, products that are in and out of stock, and product demand. Making sure that you’re always getting the best price for your products is key, and automated price-monitoring solutions can help make it easy. You’ll never have to worry about the lack of technology or matching capabilities.


This system helps you determine and maintain appropriate pricing, allowing for strategic decisions like boosting margins or improving productivity. It combines data on competitors with rules-based and demand-based motors to do so in a way that allows you to achieve your goals. To explore this further, visit their website at

  • There are a lot of different metrics and calculations in the marketing world that can help determine the firm’s financial viability. Demands, item cross-impact, elasticity-based offset values, and more than 20 costing and non-pricing elements drive profitable market strategies for firms.

  • Adjusting prices can be difficult but it helps maintain a consistent, responsive experience. In addition, Competera offers well-defined pricing procedures so you’ll never be charged for an adjustment that isn’t warranted. There’s also a visible cause-and-effect analysis of all adjustments so you are always in the know and able to make the best decisions, no matter how big or small

  • companies can increase the quality of their product enhancement matching and information scraping by outsourcing it to an AI writer. This service costs less than human copywriters, which saves companies a lot of time & effort.

Competera allows you to customize your brand with a wide variety of virtual products. What you pay for depends on the number of SKUs, the size of the installation, and how much customization your product requires.


Pricing can be tricky for businesses, but Price2spy takes the headache away! This system helps with price monitoring, as well as tracking and analyzing rivals’ prices. The company offers a variety of features and services, such as:

  • there are many benefits to using AI writing assistants that include price information as well as a variety of reporting options for data analysis

  • records of how each competitor’s pricing has changed over time

  • access to the most up-to-date prices, which are the ones you’ve sent in real time

  • Be in the know as to what’s happening in the market with our daily newsletters and price update notifications.

The price monitoring tool is compatible with several e-commerce platforms and comes with a variety of pricing options for the number of product URLs that need to be monitored.


Minderest is a great resource for anyone who needs to analyze their competition, especially when comparing your items and prices on Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. With Minderest, you can see the pricing and promotions of your competitors. You can compete against them or keep track of the items they sell. It also offers other useful services like:

  • monitoring your competition and their different price; promotion strategies

  • comparing your items to theirs

  • many stores can be managed at the same time

  • extensive pricing research;

  • to ensure effective optimization of strategies and pricing

  • profit analysis.

Minderest offers a free trial so you can test the software and see whether or not it meets your needs. It is also easy to operate, making life simpler for you. It is one of the few solutions that offer this benefit; others don’t have trial periods like this.


A competitive intelligence tool that helps you find out the prices and strategies of your major competitors. With so many competing products and items on the market, it can be near impossible to gather all the pertinent pricing information. But with this software, you’ll be able to see every competitor’s pricing in a single dashboard. Prysync saves a lot of time and is great for any business. It doesn’t require interaction or specialized configuration. It offers the following services:

  • access to current price data from the market;

  • pricing can change to your advantage by simply adjusting it in response to where you are in the market.

  • the system has a variety of reporting options that will allow you to track general pricing performance and brand; category level analyses.

This tool is well-regarded, and some of the primary benefits are 24/7 customer service.

Omnia Retail

Retailers can now enjoy all the benefits of Omnia Retail. The software not only lets them automate their pricing, but provides insights on their profitability and more! It even makes it easy for teams to manage pricing without the need for IT.

  • each product in your selection is tracked and you will receive daily updates

  • you can find competitive market research information very quickly;

  • there are many different types of regulations that could be put into place, with complete flexibility and freedom;

  • combine your knowledge of the market with data that is available in your company.

Customers are happy to save time; effort with this POS system when they can find the best deals and promotions. With Omnia Retail, customers’ spending habits will be optimized daily by providing them with opportunities to save money instead of being constantly bombarded with marketing messages

What are the benefits of Competitor Monitor Service?

If a client compares prices, it should. Using an effective price control system can provide a competitive advantage when unexpected competitors’ prices change, as well as enables one to stay ahead of the competition. With price monitoring, retailers can effectively track prices on competitor sites and make instant, intelligent decisions to boost their dynamic pricing strategy.

Competitor Monitor is an automatic service that reduces the amount of time you spend manually monitoring competitor prices. In addition, by using the service, we offer you better insight into price fluctuations and more detailed knowledge of the best way to design pricing strategies.

As mentioned before, some price tracking software can also give you information on more variables besides competitor prices, such as promotions, stock availability, and assortment. Due to competitive intelligence, you get to know about numerous factors that can further enhance your own market strategy, take pricing optimization to the next level, and thus improve profit margins.

For example, if you know a key competitor on the market is out of stock of a certain item, you may be able to raise your prices and maximize profit without the major risk of impacting your sales. Holding a sufficient amount of price information facilitates your business to stay competitive and proactively respond to market changes on daily basis.


Not all price scraping software is the same

One aspect of the price monitoring tool that is very important to consider when selecting the right price monitoring product for e-commerce companies is how they scrape information about competitor products and with what frequency. Many sites and program companies offer very cheap price scraping services, but it is cheaper for good reason.

Key Challenges in Competitor Product Scraping

Companies are very aware of the fact that their websites are being scoured for information, and they do everything they can to protect this information from bots using various CAPTCHAs or java-script coding. What this means for your price scraping software, is that if their bots are not advanced enough, they will likely fail to obtain the necessary information because of these protective measures.

What is even worse, they will likely not alert you to the fact that this information is missing or out-of-date, meaning that you will be unaware that you are using incorrect information to set your prices.

How often your software gives you information is also very important. The retail market is a fast-paced and competitive environment. To put it simply, if you are setting prices based on information that was scrapped yesterday, this information may already be outdated.

Some software providers may only do weekly data scraping, or even if they do daily data scraping, they may not inform you what time of day this data was collected. All of this information is vital to your pricing strategy, so it is important that you ensure you know exactly how fresh your pricing data is.

Why retailers need competitive price monitoring solutions

Retail price monitoring software helps both small businesses and large corporations by providing detailed information on the wholesale and retail prices of all products. This is very useful for any product that you are selling or buying.

One of the main advantages of a competitor price monitoring platform is that it will help you estimate the profit margin of your business. It can be used by both small and large companies. It not only helps you monitor the wholesale and retail prices of a particular product but also allows you to keep track of your online shoppers’ orders and sales so that your sales team can anticipate future sales and plan ahead.

Price monitoring platform helps you run your business efficiently by enabling you to accurately compute the appropriate prices of all products. Also, you can make the right profit estimates for each product and take better decisions about discounting your products and services. It not only helps you see your profits but also helps you avoid market risks by foreseeing the prices of specific products.

The system uses a combination of real-time prices, current orders, and sales to compute the most accurate average retail price. It compares the prices of similar products to find out the current wholesale and retail prices of each product. It also provides you with exact information on the type of product that sells best at the current prices.

This competitor price tracking software helps you to monitor competitor prices and provide the exact product you are selling so that the potential customers can know exactly what they need in terms of product. It also makes you aware of the types of customers who place orders, and when they place their orders, they have their profiles available so that you can give them the exact product they are looking for at the current prices.

Another advantage of this system is that it allows you to sell the exact product. You will never have to guess the exact price of the product, just as long as you have the software. This system also helps you make the right decision on price-cutting because it predicts the demand for the product.

These systems are widely used by online retailers to calculate the margins and make profit estimates for the goods that they sell. They also provide the perfect information on the total number of products in stock and the expected retail sales so that you can cut the cost of over-stock inventory management.


Competitor pricing software can prove to be a vital asset to your pricing process by giving you key market insights to base your pricing strategy. The difference between a mediocre and an excellent program provider may not be evident at first glance, but using the information we have covered, you should be able to select the right trending products for your business that results in saving time, money, and spares you the headache of spreadsheets and manual price monitoring.