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Automatic Notifications
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Email Notifications
Inventory Tracking
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Price Management
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Competera Pricing Platform

Competera offers retailers a comprehensive pricing platform for all their pricing needs. Competera’s pricing platform provides high-quality competitive data, competitive intelligence, price monitoring and price optimization that is highly customizable according to every individual company’s needs. Timely data delivery, 98% accurate competitive data, a strong SLA and solid customer support services are highlighted as a…


Revionics is an American-based pricing software provider for retailers and specializes in AI-based pricing software. Revionics® Price Optimization utilizes AI, data, and business strategies to offer optimal prices for products. They offer clients the ability to customize of categories, channels and items according to their business needs. Revionics price optimization software provides insights such as…


Pros offers quick and precise price optimization software for retailers looking to utilize dynamic pricing. They have over 30 years of experience in developing algorithmic tools and software, making them one of the most seasoned price optimization software providers on the market. Their price optimization software promises to provide retailers with increased profit and sustainable…

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is an AI and ML-based price optimization software provider allowing retailers to increase their revenue through advanced pricing analytics. Their price optimization software is fully automated, and features demand forecasting and competitor product analysis reports, as well as profitability analysis. Using Blue Yonder’s price optimization software, retailers can also utilize a scenario planning…

Price f(x)

Price f(x) offers an ML-based price optimization framework to improve the product portfolio and pricing of businesses. They offer “segment-specific” optimized pricing and price recommendations which can be exported to and delivered in multiple formats including but not limited to ERP systems, CPQ, and price lists. With Price f(x)’s price optimization software, businesses can obtain…