Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is an AI and ML-based price optimization software provider allowing retailers to increase their revenue through advanced pricing analytics.

Their price optimization software is fully automated, and features demand forecasting and competitor product analysis reports, as well as profitability analysis. Using Blue Yonder’s price optimization software, retailers can also utilize a scenario planning feature to determine whether certain price ranges are optimal for a given product.

Their solution is suitable for manufacturers, distribution, retail, and hospitality industries. Blue Yonder promises a stable software that can assure businesses sustainable growth through accurate planning and prediction. Their software is most helpful for category management, manufacturing planning, and merchandise operations.

Blue Yonder is known for having exceptional support service and responds to customers in a timely manner regarding concerns with their price optimization product. Users report that their price optimization software helps with obtaining better service levels, and shorter lead times with suppliers thanks to the advanced planning that the software provides. Additionally, their software helps businesses maintain their assortment more efficiently.

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