Competera is an AI-powered platform helping retailers to set optimal prices. It uses the last-gen ML technology combined with the best econometric practices and offers retailers three pricing engines depending on their business maturity. The core engine is a system for identifying factors that affect retailers’ pricing every day. By processing them in combination with the retailer’s goals, constraints, and rule-driven solutions, Competera brings optimal prices directly to the user’s dashboard. For any suggestion and calculation they make, Competera also considers that a change in one price will change the others.

It takes only six weeks to fully deploy a customized Competera platform that fulfills client needs. Additionally, the platform promises to be a simple all-in-one solution for everyday work. Businesses who use Competera can choose different pricing approaches, modules, and everything else associated with pricing in one dashboard. 

The Competitive Data solution provides retailers with accurate product data delivery designed for retailers with a wide assortment, empowered by market insights and custom analytics. It features custom scraping and delivery, including marketplace crawling, in-depth understanding of competitors by defining assortment intersections using the full market crawl, and unlimited scalability with no risk of being misled by irrelevant data

Pricing Automation provides coherent pricing with a defined workflow and a transparent cause & effect analysis. Competera states that it makes pricing teams twice faster.  It includes such features as preset and customizable pricing rules, pricing logic based on any number of constraints and variables, true KVIs suggestions, true competitors identification, and individual pricing strategy and business rules design for every client. 

Finally, the Price Optimization engine offers pricing driven by demand patterns, products cross-impact, and more than 20 pricing and non-pricing factors. Pricing recommendations based on demand elasticity; cross-impact effect of different SKUs’ price changes; pricing strategy management with several KPIs (target and constraint); accurate short-term forecast are highlighted as a few of the key features the engine presents to the clients.



  • Product Matching
  • Price Intelligence
  • Predictive Pricing
  • Price Tracking
  • Price Management
  • AI Solutions for Retail
  • Price List Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Competing Product Analysis
  • Price Optimization Automation
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Profitability Analysis

Product Reviews

  • Bianka Mann 02 May, 2019 07:12
    Great software. Good for companies who are willing to spend the extra dollar for a high quality product.
  • John Taylor 17 Apr, 2019 06:59
    Definitely an upgrade from our previous pricing software! Love the customizability of it, and that they don’t give you any data dumps, so it’s easy to view the most important competitive data on our biggest competitors. We asked to add a few more competitors to view on our subscription and they were very quick to add this for us. We were able to increase our sales quite a bit once we started using Competera.
  • Michael Blaese 02 Apr, 2019 17:57
    Very good software. We receive very accurate data on our competitors, and the information is all easy to see and use on their platform. Much better matching quality than what we had before, and we enjoy the ability to schedule our own data delivery times. Customer service is also very friendly and helpful when we had questions about how to use certain features of the software. Worth the price, would recommend to any company looking for an efficient, high-quality pricing software.
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