Dataweave is an India-based company offering eCommerce retailers analytical tools via publicly sourced information scraped online. Founded in 2011, they offer a simpler, cheaper alternative to advanced pricing software which can be used to optimize a retailer’s pricing strategy and obtain key insights on competitors and market conditions. Though their data is not customly sourced, Dataweave does have their own dashboard to present and analyze the public information available. 

They present to e-tailers two solutions: Retail Intelligence and Brand Analytics. Their Retail Intelligence product gives retailers analytics at scale using regularly refreshed data. The Retail Intelligence solution includes pricing and assortment intelligence, in depth product analytics, promotion analysis, and catalog benchmarking. This data and analytics platform allows users to make decisions on their own pricing, assortment, and promotions quickly and confidently. 

Dataweave’s Brand Analytics product provides retailers with a better perception of their brand positioning. Their Brand Analytics product includes pricing violation checks, momentum analytics for a better understanding of demand indicators of their own brand as well as competitor brands. Lastly, the solution includes promotion analysis so retailers can stay updated on the promotions and discounts competitors may be offering, allowing them to create better campaigns themselves.

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