Founded in 2012, Intelligence Node is a consultancy dedicated to helping retailers perfect their pricing strategy. Using technological solutions, they seek to make pricing more comprehensive for e-tailers. Intelligence Node seeks to go beyond giving retailers automated solutions, but to also provide consulting in order to create an optimized pricing strategy. The company is based in India and as a result also caters more to the Asia-Pacific retail market. 

Intelligence Node offers three products: Incompetitor, Inoptimizer, and Infeed. Incompetitor collects and analyzes competitive data and displays this information and results to be used for quick breakdowns and planning. This data can be used to benchmark against competition and gain important market insights, as well as the general monitoring of competitors for various categories and products. 

Their second product, Inoptimizer, gives companies real-time price monitoring and price recommendations for their products, and promises to save retailers both time and money in the process. Thirdly, Infeed provides retailers with globally sourced product data and product matches. This data can then be used to identify product trends to improve inventory management and planning. 

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