Omnia is a Netherlands-based company, improving retailers’ pricing processes since 2013. Their mission is to give retailers the tools they need to save time, money and headache so they can take control over their pricing and online marketing. Being based in the Netherlands, Omnia Retail focuses on the European retail market, but is continuously expanding as their customer base grows. 

Omnia Retail offers a multitude of products to help retailers with their pricing and marketing. Their first product, PriceWatch, allows retailers to track and monitor their competitors on the market. They also provide a Dynamic Pricing tool which aims to provide retailers with a better pricing strategy that changes and adapts according to market trends. Omnia Retail also offers a FeedManager meant for omnichannel retailers, which tracks and displays all marketing channels in one place for easy management. 

Lastly, they also have a Dynamic Marketing product, which helps retailers build marketing strategies by displaying up-to-date bid information as well as assortment data to ensure that marketing strategies can be constructed down to product level. This in turn means retailers can create a marketing strategy that is flexible and based on solid data. Additionally, they offer a “full suite” of all their products combined. 

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