Based in the UK, Pricefy seeks to provide retailers with the software they need to monitor their competitors and their market “on autopilot.” They were founded in 2017 and focus on eCommerce retail within the UK and European market. The company claims to be able to harness the power of big data to help eCommerce retailers increase their sales and profit by obtaining a fresh and in-depth understanding of bestsellers, competitor prices, and more. 

Pricefy offers two solutions for retailers: marketplace analysis and competitor analysis. Their marketplace analysis software gives retailers the ability to import their product details and information to compare them to market rivals. The software can then monitor any competitor worldwide in any currency, giving retailers the opportunity to identify their position within the market and adjust their prices accordingly. The software also gives retailers information on what products are trending in specific countries in order to give insight into what opportunities a retailer has within these markets. 

Pricefy’s competitor analysis software allows retailers to track competitor products and prices simply by visiting the rival’s website. Using matching algorithms, the software can match competitor products to the retailer’s for easy comparison. The software can also help identify new competitors, as the competitor list is refreshed on a weekly basis so that competitive data is fresh. By automatically doing all of these tasks, Pricefy promises to save every online retailer time while also giving them productive sagacity of their competitive landscape.

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