Pros offers quick and precise price optimization software for retailers looking to utilize dynamic pricing.

They have over 30 years of experience in developing algorithmic tools and software, making them one of the most seasoned price optimization software providers on the market. Their price optimization software promises to provide retailers with increased profit and sustainable growth in just 50 days.

Pros offers a price optimization software that is fast, transparent, and dynamic. Their software helps retailers maintain a consistent pricing strategy in fast-paced markets, and promises full transparency and control, stating that users can interact and modify their solution according to the retailer’s goals. Pros price optimization software allows retailers to identify any products that deviate from their optimal pricing strategy to avoid profit loss by using a data-driven approach to pricing. The price optimization software provided by Pros can be adapted according to any changes in the retailer’s business model, whether it be mergers or new product channels.

Product Reviews

  • Mary Cooper 03 Sep, 2019 11:05
    Very flexible software with smart CPQ. This was the first time we used a cloud-based software and it was overall a good experience for us. Good data delivery and support from customer service.
  • Rodrigo Gerarez 27 Jun, 2019 07:05
    I enjoy the notifications they send you about price deviations. All-in-all a good software that has met my pricing needs.
  • Kirsten Dunne from Sony 29 May, 2019 14:39
    This software is so hard to integrate when you start using it. We started using pros when it was recommended to us and we heard really great things about it. The platform was difficult for us to figure out how to use. Customer support responded to us pretty quickly, but we found them overall not very helpful as we still had a lot of trouble implementing the software. That being said, once we finally did figure out how to implement it, it had decent performance. It is pretty customizable, but again, it’s a painful process to figure out how to customize it in the first place. I would generally not recommend the software due to how troublesome the process was for us.
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