Revionics is an American-based pricing software provider for retailers and specializes in AI-based pricing software.

Revionics® Price Optimization utilizes AI, data, and business strategies to offer optimal prices for products. They offer clients the ability to customize of categories, channels and items according to their business needs. Revionics price optimization software provides insights such as consumer demand forecasts, price sensitivity reports, changes in costs, and competitive price positions which help retailers set optimal prices for their products.

Their price optimization software can help companies avoid price wars, which is a common issue in highly competitive retail markets. By giving detailed insight into competitor price changes and the impact this can have on demand and sales, Revionics can make companies more competitive across all channels.

Revionics promises transparency into what rules are used for price recommendations and gives a comprehensive “confidence score” of the recommendations given. Ultimately the user decides whether or not to accept the price recommendations given by their price optimization software, but Revionics assures that the price recommendations their software provides will result in profit and customer satisfaction.

Revionics Features

Pricing Optimization

Multi-Store Management


Price Optimization Automation

Pricing Analytics

Profitability Analysis

Scenario Planning

Channel Analysis

Market Analysis

Competing Product Analysis

Price List Management

Product Reviews

  • Cally Boyle 24 May, 2019 17:35
    Decent. I don’t have any complaints about this software so far, but we have only used it for a few months now.
  • Rebekah Wooten 24 May, 2019 07:41
    It’s an okay price optimization software. The price optimization features are good, but it would be so much more useful if they had price forecasts included with the optimization and analysis. I haven’t had to contact customer support for anything so far, but the platform wasn’t too hard to learn how to use on my own. It is nice to have an all-in-one platform to use with the rest of my team so we’re all on the same page. It is a very useful software for price management and provides some pricing analysis, but not profitability analysis as the description says. I would say that the software has been helpful for us but again I am hoping they upgrade it at some point to include some price forecasting abilities, or some more analysis capacity than it currently has.
  • Timothy Pemberton 10 May, 2019 07:13
    Revionics was a good software choice for us. We were able to automate our pricing for the most part which saved us a lot of time.
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