Wiser offers a multitude of solutions for mid-size and large omnichannel retailers. Founded in 2013, the U.S.-based company ensures that clients using their software will be given data quickly and with high accuracy. Their software collects and analyzes data online and in-store to help retailers perform a multitude of pricing-related tasks, such as tracking MAP, price intelligence, and retail auditing.

Their first service, MAP monitoring, is an automated solution that tracks minimum advertised pricing of competitors to help companies identify any violators. Additionally, the service helps detect third party sellers and unauthorized sellers or products, helping retailers protect their brand image. Their price intelligence service helps retailers set the appropriate prices for their products through a similar process of automated data collection and analysis of the market. Lastly, their retail auditing service uses crowdsourced datasets to help retailers optimize their merchandising processes, helping to benchmark and correct merchandise, create and optimize workflows, and more. 

Wiser focuses on eCommerce enterprises as well as brick and mortar businesses, the latter especially for their retail auditing software. Their services can also be used by any retailer online or offline who seeks to gain consumer insights, and market insights without the hassle of doing so manually.  

Product Reviews

  • Kira Washington 03 Sep, 2019 11:14
    I like the information that we get from this software. You get a full overview of your market as well as your competitors, their products and prices. The software was pretty easy to set up. It’s also pretty simple to set up rules with things like minimum and maximum prices. Huge downside though, is that the interface is pretty slow. Just adding a new product can take a few days, for example. Otherwise, I would say it’s an OK software, just needs to be faster, and also it would be nice to have a way to manually match products.
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